Interactive Capability and Standards Map


The Interactive Capability and Standards Map shows all connections between the GP IT Futures Capabilities and Standards, including individual Interoperability Standards.

This allows you to see which Standards are associated with any given Capability and provides an overview of what would need to be implemented to deliver each Capability.

Getting Started

To view the map in the context of a Capability or Standard, simply hover your mouse cursor over the Capability or Standard element - this will fade out unrelated content.

Capability Specific Standards

Some Capabilities have Capability Specific Standards, these are indicated on the map (see the Legend).

To view the associated Capability Specific Standards, you need to view the Popover for the appropriate Capability.

For instructions on doing this and further features see below.

Further instructions for using the map 

Before navigating your way around the map, it is recommended to press the [ key on keyboard to minimise the left hand tree and launch your browser in full screen mode (F11).

The following features are available within the map:

  • There is a search function in the top-right that allows you to search for a specific Capability or Standard and locate it on the map
  • A single left-click on any Capability or Standard will select it. A red outline will appear around the element, but non-related items will not fade out at this stage.
  • Holding down the Shift key and left-clicking on elements will allow you to select multiple elements at the same time
  • Once you have selected the element(s), you can:
    • Hover your mouse cursor over an element to fade out unrelated content and display all Capabilities and Standards associated with the selected element - this includes interdependencies between Interoperability Standards
    • Click theto fade out unrelated elements (this feature does not show connections between interdependent Interoperability Standards, but does show the Standards themselves)
      • Hovering the mouse pointer over 'in focus' Capabilities or Standards will provide you with a Popover providing further information (such as any associated Capability Specific Standards)
      • You can then use the ^ and v options to increase or decrease the level of focus, highlighting more or less elements
  • To deselect all elements press ESC
  • A double left-click on any Capability or Standard will launch the appropriate Confluence page in a new tab so you can see the detailed content
  • There are buttons at the top-left of the map that allow you to select elements based on type and for Business Capabilities whether they are Foundation, New or Citizen. You can select multiple buttons and each selection will fade out all elements that are not of that type (e.g. clicking Capability will fade out all Standards and just show the Business Capabilities, or clicking Capability and Interop will fade out the Overarching and Context Specific Standards allowing you to just see the connections between Capabilities and their related Interoperability Standards)
  • There is a counter in the bottom right corner which displays the number of elements in focus. It defaults to the total number of elements but will change based on your selection (e.g. when selecting a single Capability, it will display the number of elements associated with that Capability, including itself). This gives an idea of the number of Capabilities and Standards that would need to be supported for any Business Capability
  • If at any point you want to reset the view back to its default, simply clear the focus by clicking the button and then click 

For more Shortcuts see