GPES Data Extraction

Type Interoperability Standard
Effective Date 


The General Practice Extraction Service (GPES) is a service that securely collects information, with consent from GP systems, and delivers it to approved organisations with the aim of directly improving patient care. Further information is available at NHS Digital's GPES homepage.

Compliance and Assurance

All suppliers connecting to GPES will be required to follow an assurance approach. For advice, approach details, and support on assurance please contact or visit


GPES Interoperability requirements 

The GPES-I requirements (V6.0.1), shown below, describes the functionality and interfaces that GP systems suppliers supporting GPES data extraction need to implement

In addition, the following requirements have been incorporated into CCN100 with the GP system suppliers under GPSoC for Step 2 of GPES Uplift:

GPES Uplift Supplier Requirements 

The GPES Uplift Supplier Requirements Version 2.3 contains the baselined set of requirements. 

The purpose of this document is to present the business requirements to the Supplier(s) to provide continued support for providing data collections. These collections are currently commissioned by the Authority using the General Practice Extraction Service (GPES). The requirements within this document will enable the Authority to transition from the current GPET-E process and use an alternative service to request and process the Extract Data.

GP system suppliers and suppliers should liaise with the Authority prior to developing any GPES requirements.

GPES Uplift Reporting Pack

A supplier must refer to the Version 3.10 reporting pack when providing estimates.

GPES Sizing Extracts by Complexity and Capacity

There are two kinds of data extracts that are requested through GPES (Aggregate and Patient-Level). The complexity and capacity need to be broadly understood during the elaboration to determine timescales for their development and impact on available extract capacity on the GPSS infrastructure. The information in this document provides detail on how complexity and capacity are assessed.

GPES Extract Request

The extract request template forms the agreement between the Authority and Supplier when a new data collection is commissioned.

Current Live Extract Specifications

The GPES Service is required to both develop and support NHS England, Public Health England (PHE) and Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) data extractions. These data extractions are required for General Medical Services (GMS) contract practices payment and statistical and direct patient care Information purposes. 

Details of the currently live extract specifications are available on the GPES landing page on NHS Digital's website, while the latest version of the collection timetable can be accessed via the GPES landing page hosted on NHS Digital's website.  Similar details are also published by the Data Collection Board

Suppliers choosing to implement the GP Extracts Verification capability must meet the GPES live extract specifications.

Suppliers who have any questions or concerns relating to extract parameter values, which GPES must provide to suppliers, should contact

A SharePoint site for suppliers is available which hosts information on current and planned GPES extracts. Please contact GPES team ( for access to the site.


Creating a compliant implementation requires implementing the following dependent interface standard: