Patient Information Maintenance

Full Capability status only. For this Capability, Solutions are required to meet all MUST EPICs and associated acceptance criteria.


Supports the registration of Patients and the maintenance of all Patient personal information. Supports the organisation and presentation of a comprehensive Patient Record. Also supports the management of related persons and configuring access to Citizen Services.


For a Patient:The accurate recording of a Patient’s personal information (including preferences and related people) which contributes to the identification of the Patient and sharing of correct data across health and care. Increased involvement in their own care through enablement of Citizen Services. Patient safety is increased and facilitates finding patients at risk.
For General Practice:The organisation and presentation of a comprehensive Patient Record ensures up to date and relevant information is available to appropriate staff to support timely Patient care. It supports effective communication with Patients, relevant/nominated parties and other organisations as well as forming the basis for enabling access to Citizen services.
For the wider NHS and social care system: Collecting correct demographic and preference data through a Patient’s primary contact organisation, and making it available across care settings improves efficiency, promotes collaboration and encourages the use of a lifelong integrated care record. By enabling Patients to access Citizen services, Practices improve Audit Trails, have fewer phone calls/face-to-face transactions with Patients, releasing time for staff to be deployed on other tasks.