TypeOverarching Standard
Effective Date 


Defines the training activities and collateral expected from Suppliers to support the buyers and users of their Solutions.

The Training Standard shall apply to all Suppliers delivering training services under the Framework to assure NHS Digital and Local Organisations that End Users are trained to use a Solution in a safe and effective manner, so that patient safety and confidentiality is not compromised.

The Supplier shall:

  • provide a training service that covers the following types of deployments or training classifications:
    • Practices migrating from one Catalogue Solution to another
    • New capabilities or functionality
    • Upgrade Training
    • Refresher training
    • Train the Trainer
  • provide training services in such a way so as to ensure that general practitioners, receptionists, practice nurses and all associated practice staff will be able to use service(s) in compliance with the British Medical Association, Royal College of General Practitioners (Joint GP IT Committee) and Department of Health: ‘Good Practice Guidelines for General Practice Electronic Patient Records
  • describe the full range of training services they intend to provide under the Framework Agreement. The Authority recognises that the training services offered will depend on:
    • the scale (for example, the number and role of End Users, number of locations and geographical spread.)
    • complexity (for example, number of capabilities provided, interoperability between systems, deploying a new Solution versus upgrading an existing Solution)
    • impact on end users (for example, usability of Solutions)
    • impact on patient safety
  • confirm that all the training activities have been completed successfully to deliver the service(s) at each location to enable the End User to make effective use of a Solution.
  • ensure that those of its personnel who fulfil the Supplier's obligations under the Agreement are suitably skilled and experienced in accordance with Good Industry Practice. (For example: BS ISO 29990 – “Learning services for non-formal education and training - Basic requirements for service providers” and NHS Digital’s Education and Training Standards).

As part of the onboarding process, the Supplier will provide a Training Plan which describes their overall approach to training and will be maintained throughout the lifetime of the agreement.


Requirement IDRequirement TextLevel

 Training Exemption


Training Exemption - Template

If the Supplier does not intend to deliver training or considers one or more requirements are not applicable, they will complete the GP IT Futures Training Exemption template below justifying why. 

The exemption will be reviewed and approved by NHS Digital. 

GP IT Futures Training Exemptionv1-0.docx




Information Governance Standard Compliance

The Supplier shall comply with the GP IT Futures national Information Governance Standard:

  • When handling personal identifiable data relating to the customer's users (trainees) e.g. learning needs analysis, accessing training records, etc.
  • Personal identifiable data (other than relating to the customer’s users (trainees) will not be used for training purposes. The supplier will only use synthetic or dummy data i.e. fictitious, non-personal data, which cannot directly or indirectly identify any Patients/Service Users.

Supplier Accountability & Responsibility

Regardless of whether it is the Supplier itself or their sub-contractor providing all or elements of the training services outlined, the Supplier shall maintain accountability and responsibility for the deliverables and training delivery.

If the Supplier is intending to use sub-contractors, they will confirm compliance or intended compliance to this requirement in the GP IT Futures Supplier Training Plan.


 Training Plan


Training Plan - Training approach

The Supplier shall provide a documented GP IT Futures Supplier Training Plan which details their approach to training for all capabilities being supplied. 

The Supplier Training Plan will be agreed with NHS Digital.


Training Plan - Training approach updates

If the Supplier subsequently makes changes to their training approach and/or provides new capabilities, they shall update and agree the GP IT Futures Supplier training plan with NHS Digital.


Local Training Plan - Template

The Supplier shall create a generic GP IT Futures Local Training Plan for each capability / system based on the Supplier Training Plan.

The Supplier will agree Local Training Plan(s) with NHS Digital.


Local Training Plan - Sign off period

Local Training Plans will be agreed and signed off with the Local Organisation 6-8 weeks before training commences


Local Training Plan - Sign off outcomes

Local Organisation / End Users may wish to agree and sign off the GP IT Future Local Training Plan as meeting its stated outcomes. If requested, the supplier must comply.

If so, at the end of the training, the Local Organisation will confirm the objectives of the training have been met with the Supplier.


 Learning Needs Analysis (LNA)


Learning Needs Analysis (LNA) - Completion

The Supplier shall carry out a Learning Needs Analysis (LNA) for all End Users to be trained, or, when agreed with the Local Organisation or End User, provide them with adequate tools and information to carry it out themselves.

The LNA will identify the training needed to meet the skills and knowledge requirements for each group of learners.

The Supplier will:

  • Include a description of LNA tools, methods and outputs in the Supplier and Local Training Plans.
  • Document the results of LNAs in the Local Training Plan

Learning Needs Analysis (LNA) - Report

Where required, the Supplier will provide an LNA report to the Local Organisation which will inform the Local Training Plan.




Documented Administrative Procedures

The Supplier shall document and follow administrative procedures to support the effective management of their Training Programmes.


 Training Materials and Design


Training Materials - Delivery

The Supplier shall deliver a complete set of Training Materials to the Local Organisation, for each capability. These shall be reviewed and agreed by the Local Organisation/End Users as fit for purpose.
They shall be provided at an agreed timescale, prior to the delivery of training and be version controlled.

The materials and delivery methods will comply with relevant legislation, for example, The Equality Act 2010, Copyright, Data Protection Act 2018 and General Data Protection Regulation, Health and Safety at Work Act.

These materials must take into consideration:

The Supplier shall document their intended methods and approach in the Supplier and Local Training Plans.


Training Materials - Customisation

The Supplier will include details of how Training Materials could be made customisable in the Supplier Training Plan.


Training Materials - Organised & referenced

Where possible, Training Materials, including digital learning materials, will be organised and referenced in order for them to be easily searchable by end users using key words for specific tasks, which can be accessed via the live system through context sensitive help.

The Supplier will describe how they intend to meet this requirement, if applicable, in the Supplier and Local Training Plans.


Training Materials - Sample review

NHS Digital may wish to review a sample of Training Materials and provide feedback to the Supplier for action if required. If requested, the supplier must comply.


 Training Delivery


Training Delivery - Description

The Supplier will describe how the training is delivered / expected to be delivered for each capability.   

The Supplier will outline the delivery methods and rationale for their choice of methods in the Supplier and Local Training Plans.


Training Delivery - Using local plan & provide reports

The Supplier shall deliver the training as agreed in the Local Training Plan.

The Supplier will provide reports on training delivery (see Report).


Training Delivery - Adaptability

The training delivered will be adapted to take into account new / local business processes where applicable.

The Supplier shall confirm compliance or intended compliance to this requirement which will be documented in the Supplier and Local Training Plans.


 Training Personnel


Training Personnel - Skill, experience and knowledge

The Supplier shall ensure that its training personnel have:

  • Training skills, experience and qualifications
  • Up-to-date and detailed knowledge of the systems and capabilities on which they train
  • NHS and care setting knowledge.

The Supplier will:

  • Provide records of trainer qualifications and experience if requested by NHS Digital
  • Carry out learner evaluation which includes gathering feedback on trainer performance, knowledge and skills:
    • 80% of learner feedback will indicate a satisfaction rating of 'good' and above on the evaluation form for trainer performance, knowledge and skills.
  • Provide evidence of trainer competency and knowledge in training delivery, product & care setting

Training Personnel - NHS Digital Sample Observations

NHS Digital may wish to carry out sample observation of training sessions and provide feedback to the Supplier, using the following form:

GP IT Trainer Observation Form v1-1.docx.

If requested, the supplier must comply.


Training Personnel Issues

When issues on the Supplier’s trainers’ delivery and knowledge are identified and agreed to be inadequate, the Supplier will provide additional training, if required, at no cost.

The Supplier will provide additional training if required based on:

  • Negative End User feedback
  • NHS Digital observation forms
  • Local Organisation / End User complaint

 Training Environments


Training Environment - Provision

The Supplier shall provide a training environment which mirrors the live system and uses dummy data. The training environment shall be in place before the training commences.

The Supplier will confirm compliance or intended compliance to this requirement.

The Supplier will provide details of the training environment with realistic data sets which meet information governance requirements in the Supplier Training Plan.


Training Environment - Link to path to NHS Digital live training environment

Training environments shall link to NHS Digital’s path to live training environment (spine training environment) when users need to be trained on transactions between the Supplier System or capability and the National Services. (e.g. Summary Care Record, NHS number, etc.)


Training Environment - Refresh, reset and maintenance process

The Supplier shall agree with NHS Digital the refresh, reset and maintenance processes for the training environment.

The Supplier will document the processes within the Supplier Training Plan.


Pilot Training


Impact  Analysis

The Supplier will analyse the impact on End Users of the new capability to ensure the most appropriate training Solution is developed.

A template is provided if required:

GP IT Futures Training_Impact_Analysis_v1-0.docx


Pilot Training - Training Delivery and Materials

The Supplier shall carry out a pilot of the training delivery and materials before implementing any new capability with representatives from End Users and (NHS) trainers.


Pilot Training - Evaluation

The Supplier shall carry out an evaluation of the pilot training sessions. NHS Digital or Local Organisations may carry out sample observations of these sessions and provide feedback which the Supplier will also use to improve the training before full roll-out can commence. The Supplier and Local Training Plans will be updated to reflect the required changes.

The Supplier will provide:

  • Updated Training Materials, environment, methods and delivery based on feedback
  • Updated Supplier and Local Training Plans
  • Pilot training evaluation report

Pilot Training - Repeat

Based on the outcome of the pilot evaluation and feedback, the Supplier will repeat the pilot training and update materials and delivery where required.


Training to support Practice Switching 


Training to support Practice Switching - Training & Refresher Training

The Supplier shall deliver training to the Local Organisation / End Users at an agreed timescale prior to the planned Go-Live date.  If the Go-Live date is postponed for any reason, refresher training (to a scope agreed by the Local Organisation/ End User) will be provided.

The Supplier will provide:

  • Training in advance of the Business Go-Live date in agreement with the Local Organisation
  • Refresher training if the Business Go-Live is delayed

Training to support Practice Switching - Floor Walking Staff

On the day and the day following Business Go-Live, floor-walking staff shall support the Local Organisation/ End Users in its use of the system. The Local Organisation/ End User shall be able to call on subsequent floor-walking support for additional days during the calendar month following Business Go-Live.

The number of staff provided, and the length of the support, shall be specified as part the Supplier’s response to the Data Migration Standard.


 Evaluation and Assessment


Evaluation & Assessment - Learner Competency Assessments

The Supplier shall carry out learner competency assessments to determine whether users are able to use the required system or capability correctly. 

The Supplier will:

  • Document assessment methods and tools in the Supplier and Local Training Plans
  • Provide results of evaluation and assessment to NHS Digital / Local Organisation as described in the reporting section of the training plans.
  • Carry out evaluation reporting: All learners are assessed as being competent to use the required functionality at the end of the training or have an action plan to address any additional training needs within 2 weeks to ensure that the End Users they train are safe to use the system or capability

Evaluation & Assessment - Training Feedback

The Supplier shall gather feedback from End Users on:

  • Whether they feel competent and confident to use the required capability following the training
  • Training methods and resources used
  • Trainer performance, knowledge and skills
  • Improvements to the Training Programme

The Supplier will:

  • Document evaluation methods and tools in the Supplier and Local Training Plans
  • Maintain assessment and evaluation records
  • Produce action plans to resolve any issues identified
  • Update Training Materials and delivery methods based on feedback
  • Provide evaluation reports showing feedback and resolution of any issues identified.

A template is provided if required:

GP IT Futures Evaluation Report Template v1-1.docx


Evaluation & Assessment - NHS Digital Sample Surveys

The Supplier will take action to remedy any issues identified from sample surveys on End User competency and satisfaction carried out by NHS Digital.


Evaluation & Assessment - Additional training and support

The Supplier shall provide additional training and/or support where issues are identified through the evaluation and assessment process. For example, where negative feedback has been received, go-live has been delayed or the learners don't reach the required level of competency.


Evaluation & Assessment - Improvements 

The Supplier will provide evidence to NHS Digital of improvements to their training, for example:

  • Evaluation reports showing feedback
  • Action plans to resolve any issues identified
  • Updated Training Materials and delivery methods

A template is provided if required:

GP IT Futures Evaluation Report Template v1-1.docx


Evaluation & Assessment - Evidence of resolved issues

The Supplier will provide evidence to NHS Digital of actions taken to resolve training issues identified from help desk calls. NHS Digital can request help desk analysis reports.





The Supplier shall provide reports to NHS Digital / Local Organisation/ End User at an agreed frequency with content which can include the following:

  • Attendance and non-attendance rates
  • Technical issues (e.g. training environment availability)
  • Results of evaluation and assessments for learners and trainers
  • Analysis of help desk calls relating to training
  • Actions resulting from any of the above.

The Supplier will:

  • Outline the feedback they will provide to Local Organisations and NHS Digital on the training they will deliver, how they will provide it and the frequency
  • Include information about Train the Trainer and End User training
  • Define the key performance indicators that they will use to demonstrate the success of their Training Programme(s)
  • Provide activity and evaluation reporting as described in requirements in Evaluation and Assessment section above

Reporting - Ad Hoc

The Supplier will provide ad hoc training-related reports at the request of NHS Digital to ensure quality and safety is maintained.


Maintenance of Training Programme


Maintenance of Training Programme - Up to date materials and delivery

The Supplier shall ensure all materials (including digital learning resources) and delivery are up to date and reflect the live version.

The Supplier will:

  • Provide updated Training Materials, including digital learning, to NHS Digital / Local Organisation / End Users.
  • Update their internal training documents.
  • Carry out, as a minimum, an annual review of all deliverables to ensure they remain current and fit for purpose.

Maintenance of Training Programme - Upgrade Training

Upgrade Training:

The Supplier shall provide a deployment schedule of upcoming releases to NHS Digital and to Local Organisations. When the Supplier notifies NHS Digital of any impending upgrades they shall provide a training impact analysis in line with maintenance release schedules.

The Supplier will:

  • Carry out a training impact analysis. A template is provided if required: 
    GP IT Futures Training_Impact_Analysis_v1-0.docx
  • Provide a complete set of updated Training Materials
  • Upgrade the training environment to reflect the live system or capability
  • Deliver Upgrade Training in advance of the system or capability upgrade appropriate to the size of the upgrade
  • Alert Local Organisations / End Users to upgrades, to ensure they are aware of any changes and where training/materials can be sourced from.


Applicable Capabilities

All suppliers Solutions delivering any Capabilities will need to meet this Standard.


Items on the Roadmap which impact or relate to this Standard

Suppliers will not be assessed or assured on these Roadmap Items as part of Onboarding