Spine Mini Services

TypeInteroperability Standard
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Spine Mini Services is a simplified read-only interface to some Spine Services, the most common one being Personal Demographics Service (PDS) 

The SMSP provides a security bridge to the Spine services and lower entry specification messaging specification which removes some of the complexity of the HL7 V3 interfaces e.g. It  allows consumers to query information on patients without having to develop the full PDS interface or go through the full Common Assurance Process.

It is also a mechanism to retrieve information on:

A Solution that implements the core Patient Information Maintenance capability is required to have full PDS integration.

SMSP may be a suitable alternative to full PDS integration for some Solutions that are not tightly integrated into the core GP Solution and require a read-only source of demographics from PDS.

Compliance, Assurance and Testing

SMSP Assurance Overview

The assurance model for Spine Mini Services is based around the Target Operating Model (TOM), a simplified approach designed to be less onerous than the full Common Assurance Process.  The TOM places a higher emphasis on self-assessment and responsibility of the deploying organisation.

Suppliers should note the two assurance scenarios (with and without a customer organisation) contained within the SMSP Assurance Overview page above.

For further information, guidance or support, please contact the ITK Conformance team at itkconformance@nhs.net


Information about path-to-live environments can be access here: http://www.assurancesupport.digital.nhs.uk/


There are 4 Key requirements specifications

  • The Interoperability Framework Common Provider Requirements - Included as the SMSP site documentation set
  • The Interoperability Framework Common Client Requirements -Included as the SMSP site documentation set
  • The Interoperability service specific Provider Requirements e.g. FGM RIS, CPIS
  • The Interoperability service Specific Client Requirements e.g. FGM RIS, CPIS

The common requirements can be found here https://developer.nhs.uk/library/systems/nhs-digital-smsp-pds/stage-3-development/requirements-pack/


Mini Services Introduction

Spine Mini Service Provider