The Productivity Capability


The terminology used below assumes that the reader has familiarised themselves with some key Digital Care Services concepts available via the following guidance / tutorials:

The Productivity Capability is used to describe a wide range of Solutions that deliver one or more of the following outcomes to Patients/Service Users and Staff within health and care settings, but do not fit within any of the other defined capabilities

  • Reduced costs

  • Improved processes through access to better quality data

  • Improved Patient/Service User experience

  • Improved Staff experience

The Solutions that may be listed against the Productivity Capability can be loosely grouped as Patient-facing or Organisation-facing, and some examples of the types of Solutions that might fall into each group are:


  • Appointment check-in

  • Patient communication/messaging

  • Surveys

  • Waiting-room information


  • Clinical correspondence

  • Dictation

  • Label printing

  • Panic button

  • Stock management

  • ·Triage

The Productivity Capability has been deliberately documented with the goal of keeping the door open for other functions, not already identified, to readily be included in Solutions on the Catalogue