Tech Innovation Framework (TIF) Contracts Suite

The Tech Innovation Framework (TIF) includes the following three levels of contract:

  • Lot 1 Framework Agreement - terms and conditions governing the pricing and commercial arrangements for delivery of a compliant TIF solution to the Digital Care Services catalogue.

  • Lot 2 Framework Agreement - additional opportunities to elaborate Roadmap items through research, development and engagement.

  • Call Off Agreement - terms and conditions governing the provision of TIF services from a supplier to a buyer.

These documents (and key sections of the documents) are available in the zip files attached in the table below. For completeness, a copy of the Data Processing Deed, Catalogue Agreement and Ancillary Documents are also included.

Document Set


Document Set


Tech Innovation Framework Lot 1 Agreement


TIF Lot 1 Call Off Schedules


Call Off Order Form


Tech Innovation Framework Lot 2 Agreement


Data Processing Deed


Catalogue Agreement


Ancillary Documents


Of particular interest to buyers is the Call Off Order Form which is provided via the TIF Lot 1 Agreement link above in file “Call Off Order Form”. In order to enter into a contract buyers only need to complete the Call Off Order Form as the Call Off Terms are static. The Call Off Order Form includes guidance on which sections are to be completed by you as the buyer and by the relevant supplier. In summary, the Call Off Order Form includes:

  • Section A: Call Off Ordering Party (the buyer) and supplier organisation and contact details.

  • Section B: The commencement date and duration of the Call Off Agreement.

  • Section B: The Service Recipient(s) encompassed by the Call Off Agreement.

  • Section B: The Catalogue Solutions, Additional services and/or Associated Services you wish to order for each Service Recipient.

  • Section C: The implementation requirements – expressed as milestones and milestone acceptance criteria.

  • Section D: The supplier response to the requirements, including implementation plans and pricing information.

 If you require assistance with the completion of a Call Off Order Form, please contact the NHS National Procurement Hub via